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Good day to all who may read this review. Neuro Physical Therapy with Juvy and Dan is THE ONLY PLACE to receive Multiple Sclerosis therapy. Juvy and Dan compliment each other with their one on one therapy sessions. Each has their own techniques for optimal performance. I'm so happy I finally found Juvy and Dan who I read about in NY and sought out in Florida.

Evelyn B.

I can’t say enough about this physical therapy place . I’ve been to two other places and would only recommend this one. Juvy is amazing and she tries her hardest To make you feel Encouraged. I can’t say enough but this is the best place in town with one on one therapy!

Diane E.

I am honored to write this review to enthusiastically recommend Dr. Juvy Villanueva and her staff. For the purpose of strengthening my leg, I started working with Juvy. She recommended that I concentrate not only on balance exercises but also on core strength and flexibility. With her good humor, patience, and emphasis on form, I have been able to master her prescribed exercises and tasks.

Connie D.



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